Gate 55

The whole thing about the 55 and the only way in which one can deal with it – because remember the 55 is all about the cup that is half empty and the cup that is half full ‑ is if you don't give a reason - Reasons, reasons, reasons get you into so much trouble.

If you don't make up a reason, then you can find the Spirit.

That's the whole thing about the 55 ‑ as long as it's making up a reason, as long as it's identifying with why it's down or why it's up, as long as it's attaching something to it.

Remember, it's not just your typical emotional wave, it's an emotionalized melancholy at work.

You can get very sick people with this ‑ emotionally sick people with all kinds of problems because of it.

All of that is rooted in the reason making.

- Ra Uru Hu

Single and split definition in relationship

You have to understand that most of us are not designed for the very thing that is the foundation of the way in which we function on this plane. We’re not. And people love to talk about things like monogamy and this and that. Single definitions—it’s like, what good are they anyway? You’re a single definition, talk about a failed relationship. They’re incredible to listen to. Truly, male or female, they’re truly incredible to hear because they didn’t need them in the first place. Even though the illusion is that they're supposed to need them. They didn’t need them. They don’t know anything about how you do that.

Why do you think so many relationships—there is so much difficulty in relationships. If you think about the fact that 46% of humanity is a split, a basic split, that means that basically 92% of humanity has a chance to bond. The rest are sort of out there, never going to really make it. And the reality is that it doesn't even get to be that much because those split definitions tend to look for each other, because then they both have this sense of wholeness. “You make me whole. You make me whole. You make me whole.” Oh, how nice.

All my years of teaching, there is one thing that I cannot stand and that’s generalizations, the way in which the relating is propagandized on this plane. The way there is supposed to be a certain way in which we are there for the other. It’s not true. And it’s a minority of us on this plane who are really designed for it, and when you think about it, because of the nature of the not-self, it turns out to be a real disaster.

So, you’re a split definition and you’re with a single definition and you’re pissed, you're trying to work it out and working it out is not important for the single definition. It’s something you tell them that is important, but that’s not something that's important inside of them at all. It’s like, “What is he or she rapping on about? Work on what?” If it wasn't for split definitions, the psychological psychiatric partnership bullshit programs would never exist. Never. It's all these splits saying that “The relationship has to work, let's go see Dr. Doo Doo, or whatever. We’ll work it out.”

And you can see the split definition dragging by a leash the single definition into the therapy session. “This is something that should be really important for you.” No, it’s not. This is the whole thing. It’s one of things we really don't understand. We’ve got 41% of the planet that is single definition. We’ve got 11% that are triple-split definition. They don’t care. Their relationship doesn't work; trash that and try a new one. It’s just that simple.

Single definition—I don't have any attachment to that. I’m not connected to that. There’s nothing inside of me that says I have to have that or I’ve got to fix that. As a matter of fact, it’s all a pain. I’m going to get rid of it; basta. The split definition is sitting there saying, “Don't go. We can work it out.” The single definition says, “Work out what? What is it exactly we're going to work out?”

- Ra Uru Hu

Human design relationships

The problems of most relationships are that they were never entered into correctly, and that the participants in the relationship don’t operate correctly as themselves. That really is what it’s all about. And it’s very important to grasp that. One of the most difficult things for me over the years is the awakening of people to their design, their nature, what’s correct for them, and for them to go through the dilemma of the realization that relationships that they’ve been involved with are not correct for them. And often that is very disturbing, obviously. These relationships can involve family, business, children, so forth and so on. And it’s not my business to want people to revamp and distort their lives. I’m simply concerned about them being correct.

But when we come to speaking about partnership, the best partnerships are the ones that you’re going to enter into correctly as yourself. And that the best way to maintain a relationship or to develop a relationship or to have a relationship flower is to respect the nature of the other being. The most important thing that one learnsabout mechanics is that you can’t change anyone. You can condition them; but you cannot change them. And the moment that one realizes that your relationship is not going to get better if you change or the other changes, you’re already on your way.

It’s one of the essentials of this knowledge is to see that regardless of what the external conditions are, whether that has to do with your personal relationship with friend or colleague or child, or whatever it may be, all of it is about the correctness that you bring to that relationship. If you’re correct in that relationship then that relationship is going to work for you. If you’re a generator and somebody comes to you and asks you if want to be with them and you go ahunh, then that relationship is going to be correct for you.

I’m not saying, by the way, that that relationship is going to be perfect, that it’s going to be nothing but sweetness and roses. It’s not about that. It is about the correctness of it. If you’re a third line being and you enter into a relationship correctly, in all likelihood there’s going to be problems because you’re a third line being. You’re there to discover what doesn’t work. And the complexity of relationships between human beings is vast, there are so many things that be found that do not work. But it doesn’t mean that the relationship was not correct. If you entered into it correctly, the relationship is going to be precisely what it it’s meant to be.

- Ra Uru Hu

The mind is not an authority

The moment that the mind doesn't become the authority in the life, the mind becomes a great joy.

Only when it stops being an authority are you open to Spirit. We got out of the splenic stage because we're the best damn killers on the planet.

Once we got to that stage we were finished with it. Finished with it in the sense that it was no longer necessary as the only awareness: stay alive, stay alive, stay alive.

Then it was possible for mind. After millions of year, millions of years and mind is young ‑ it's not old ‑ under 100,000 years.

This box and the way it works ‑ in order for us in this whole rapid movement to complete our consciousness evolution, we've got to deal with this mind now.

This cycle that we're in that ends in 2027, this is a completing cycle of the mental process.

We're here to get all the details. We need all the facts. We need to be able to communicate to each other all the details and the facts.

We have to see how it all works so that we can be finished with mind.

- Ra Uru Hu

The 4th line opportunist

"The danger always with 4s is that if you shatter a 4, there’s no guarantee they’ll come back together again. It’s very, very difficult for them once a foundation has been shattered. Remember, all of their power comes from their relationship to their community. Theirs is a community of bonds of friendship. The moment they’re seen to be a fool in that context, that they were wrong, or that they lied or they did this or that, whatever the case may be, it’s very, very difficult for them to live with it.

It’s not like it’s easy for them to just get up and go. They have a fixed aspect in their nature. So, when you take somebody who is a 4th line and you shatter one of their main principles, you really do enormous damage. Now, sometimes the damage is positive. The shattering of this kind can be very positive. Yet, at the same time, you have to see that they have to be called to that. It’s not like they’re going to embrace it. The only ones who can call them are those who really know them. These are not people where you assume they need you. Though the 4 has the capacity of integrating with others well, intimacy is always difficult. For all 4s, intimacy is difficult. You have to wait until you go through those phases of friendship in order to get to that point where you can actually achieve intimacy."

~Ra Uru Hu


"There is a natural gift that lies behind the behavior of all 2nd lines. We've seen through the 10.2 that this is the Hermit, the necessary side-stepping of behavioral patterns, the need to be alone. Here we have the natural. But one of the things to recognize about being able to be alone and not wanting to be bothered, is that these are beings who carry the 2nd line who are comfortable with themselves. Every place that you look and you see a 2nd line, you can find a comfort factor with oneself. To be able to be alone and be able to be left alone is also an indication of a great deal of creative potential. After all, true mutative processes come outside of influence. And those that carry the 2nd line, the Hermits, those are the ones that stay resolutely outside of influence... Without being confused by the demands of others, without having to deal with problems in harmony. Without having to argue over what are the values of others, simply to be left alone with the integrity of one's own inner harmony and values, these ideals enrich inspiration. Being alone is an important theme of the creative process."

"It's so important to allow the 2nd line being its gift. And its gift is the potential for it to be enriched in its private life, it's need to be reclusive, its need to be the hermit. Obviously those themes are going to stand out if the 2nd line is part of the basic profile itself, however it's also a guide to understanding any hexagram that carries the 2nd line. That 2nd line is going to indicate that--regardless of what the theme is of the hexagram--there is a need to be left alone, there is a need to find the inner harmony and values necessary, and that this is a place where there is a true gift--and not a gift that's there to be projected on others that it's time for it to come out and go on display, but a gift that's there to enrich the creative process, the creative process of the Hermit. Without that creative process, that isolation is something that can be deeply painful and not of value and not rewarding in the most romantic sense of what the individual is: to make a contribution and to be recognized for that contribution to the whole."

~ Ra Uru Hu (The Eight Profiling Gates, 2002)

Emotional Projectors

Let me talk about the emotional projector for a moment. To be an emotional being, it demands an enormous amount of discipline. The discipline is fundamentally patience. It's all about patience . If you are an emotional being you gotta wait out the wave. If you don’t wait out the wave, which is just time, then you can't, you can't be clear. But it also says something else about the dilemma of accepting a projectors life. If you're a non-emotional projector the invitation is something you can deal with in the moment, spontaneous, invitation Yes/no. It’s all there. But if you're an emotional projector, even when the invitation comes, you have to go like this: “not now… let me process it… give me time…” If you're an emotional projector, nobody can push you, nobody is allowed to push you, rush you. This is not what you're here for and that in that getting your deal, the yes-but-thing, if you're an emotional projector, you have the potential of getting the best deal of all. Because rejection is such a seduction. You are an emotional projector and somebody says to you “I want to invite you to this terrific thing and it would be great to work with you” underneath of course the subconscious is going “slave, slave, I need to slave…” whatever you know they're inviting you into this terrific thing and you go to them “I have to processes his. Very nice interesting. I'm going to process”. They want you to make that decision right then and there. This is a great offer. I'm offering you something terrific, you should be jumping at this. The reality is, by going like this, what actually happens is the other person goes away and says: “I better up the ante, I better offer them more, I better make it more exciting, it looks like they're not going to take it.” Rejection is incredibly powerful most people are afraid of it and emotional people are afraid of it the most. They are! if you are an emotional person and somebody invites you and your projector after all and they invite you, you know, there's these bells and sirens and rockets going off! It's like wow, I've been invited! I'm going to say yes right now, because if I don't say yes right now, I may have to wait the rest of my life for an invitation. That kind of thing. And then you really get into trouble. You have no idea! Emotional people… “no truth in the now, no truth in the know” your emotional, you're reading this and you have no idea what the hell's going on and you won't for months. You are going to process it through your emotional system. You know, you're on a certain place in your wave right now. Which means you're taking it in with a certain filter. That may be a good filter, a bad filter, an in between filter… Whatever the hell it is. Tomorrow the filters is different. Tomorrow how you feel about this is going to be different than what it is now. And it is going to be different the day after tomorrow and the day after that and there are certain things that you heard today, that you go “oh yeah”. Tomorrow you're going go “what was that? What was that thing that I said “oh yeah” to? I can’t remember that. That thing, what was that? Then you think hell it's lost… dammit! A week later, here in the same place in your wave that you were here when you got that “oh yeah now I got it!” It is what it is to be emotional, there is no truth in the now. If you're an emotional person you get a telephone call. You actually think you're hearing everything. You get this emotional call, you’re on the phone, you’re emotional being, all you're doing is reacting to where your wave is. So there you hear something that somebody saying that sounds bad. You never have the time to hear what's good or the rest of the conversation. All you hear is that one thing, that actually hits where you are on your wave and off you are on that part of your wave and the rest of it is lost. It's the next day or the day after you go “oh yeah but they also said”… Actually, you go through this whole thing in this whole emotional trip. Being an emotional being is about understanding that you rule! That's what it is to be emotional. Everything's on your time, nobody else. Your time, so you’re an emotional projector and somebody's got an invitation? Good for them. They can wait. If what they want is important enough for them, they ae not going to runaway! If you tell somebody to wait and they don't wait, good riddance! Cause they are never going to respect you. They're never going to treat you correctly. They're never going to see you for who you are. Every time an emotional person makes a decision in the moment, whoever they're dealing with, has lost respect for them. It’s just the way that it works. It's so easy… -Ra

What is Human Design?

It’s a logical system that brings together principles of The I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics. Your Human Design Chart, also called a BodyGraph, is calculated using your birth date, time, and place, to reveal your genetic design.

On the most practical level, Human Design shows you where and how to access your body’s consciousness as a decision-making tool, and ultimately, how to live as your true self. Human Design offers a map, or a manual, that indicates how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a manner that is in sync with who you are. When we live in alignment with our true nature, we begin to experience a level of comfort and acceptance for who we are, instead of chasing who we are not—and we’re able to live out our real purpose in the world.

“No one is broken and yet we run around trying to fill up the open places and seek to be what we are not.”

Note: Each and every individual is born with a design that is perfect for them. No one is broken and yet we run around trying to fill up the open places and seek to be what we are not. We all have our own mythology and purpose that we are designed to live out, our own gifts and magic we are here to bring to the world. These will unfold naturally when we are aligned with our mechanics.

- Lynette Hagins