Single and split definition in relationship

You have to understand that most of us are not designed for the very thing that is the foundation of the way in which we function on this plane. We’re not. And people love to talk about things like monogamy and this and that. Single definitions—it’s like, what good are they anyway? You’re a single definition, talk about a failed relationship. They’re incredible to listen to. Truly, male or female, they’re truly incredible to hear because they didn’t need them in the first place. Even though the illusion is that they're supposed to need them. They didn’t need them. They don’t know anything about how you do that.

Why do you think so many relationships—there is so much difficulty in relationships. If you think about the fact that 46% of humanity is a split, a basic split, that means that basically 92% of humanity has a chance to bond. The rest are sort of out there, never going to really make it. And the reality is that it doesn't even get to be that much because those split definitions tend to look for each other, because then they both have this sense of wholeness. “You make me whole. You make me whole. You make me whole.” Oh, how nice.

All my years of teaching, there is one thing that I cannot stand and that’s generalizations, the way in which the relating is propagandized on this plane. The way there is supposed to be a certain way in which we are there for the other. It’s not true. And it’s a minority of us on this plane who are really designed for it, and when you think about it, because of the nature of the not-self, it turns out to be a real disaster.

So, you’re a split definition and you’re with a single definition and you’re pissed, you're trying to work it out and working it out is not important for the single definition. It’s something you tell them that is important, but that’s not something that's important inside of them at all. It’s like, “What is he or she rapping on about? Work on what?” If it wasn't for split definitions, the psychological psychiatric partnership bullshit programs would never exist. Never. It's all these splits saying that “The relationship has to work, let's go see Dr. Doo Doo, or whatever. We’ll work it out.”

And you can see the split definition dragging by a leash the single definition into the therapy session. “This is something that should be really important for you.” No, it’s not. This is the whole thing. It’s one of things we really don't understand. We’ve got 41% of the planet that is single definition. We’ve got 11% that are triple-split definition. They don’t care. Their relationship doesn't work; trash that and try a new one. It’s just that simple.

Single definition—I don't have any attachment to that. I’m not connected to that. There’s nothing inside of me that says I have to have that or I’ve got to fix that. As a matter of fact, it’s all a pain. I’m going to get rid of it; basta. The split definition is sitting there saying, “Don't go. We can work it out.” The single definition says, “Work out what? What is it exactly we're going to work out?”

- Ra Uru Hu