The mind is not an authority

The moment that the mind doesn't become the authority in the life, the mind becomes a great joy.

Only when it stops being an authority are you open to Spirit. We got out of the splenic stage because we're the best damn killers on the planet.

Once we got to that stage we were finished with it. Finished with it in the sense that it was no longer necessary as the only awareness: stay alive, stay alive, stay alive.

Then it was possible for mind. After millions of year, millions of years and mind is young ‑ it's not old ‑ under 100,000 years.

This box and the way it works ‑ in order for us in this whole rapid movement to complete our consciousness evolution, we've got to deal with this mind now.

This cycle that we're in that ends in 2027, this is a completing cycle of the mental process.

We're here to get all the details. We need all the facts. We need to be able to communicate to each other all the details and the facts.

We have to see how it all works so that we can be finished with mind.

- Ra Uru Hu