Gate 55

The whole thing about the 55 and the only way in which one can deal with it – because remember the 55 is all about the cup that is half empty and the cup that is half full ‑ is if you don't give a reason - Reasons, reasons, reasons get you into so much trouble.

If you don't make up a reason, then you can find the Spirit.

That's the whole thing about the 55 ‑ as long as it's making up a reason, as long as it's identifying with why it's down or why it's up, as long as it's attaching something to it.

Remember, it's not just your typical emotional wave, it's an emotionalized melancholy at work.

You can get very sick people with this ‑ emotionally sick people with all kinds of problems because of it.

All of that is rooted in the reason making.

- Ra Uru Hu