Foundation Reading (90 minutes) $250

After learning about Human Design this is the first reading to set the foundation to start your experiment, providing you with a clear understanding of how your energy is designed to operate and how you make decisions from your body’s consciousness. You will have access to practical tools for your inner truth (strategy and authority) as well as mechanical knowledge of your gifts and entanglements.


Solar Return Reading (Annually) $250

After being in your experiment with living your human design you will be prepared to understand your solar return chart. This reading is recommended to do starting up to three months before your birthday onward.

Each year around the time of your birthday, the sun returns to its exact original position as when you were born and this begins a new Solar Cycle for you.

The Solar Return Chart brings new opportunities for personal growth and looks at the energetic themes you will experience through your relationships with others during the coming 12-month period. We draw to us the people and circumstances that challenge us to grow. Find out what you’ll be attracting in the coming year.

Prerequisite: A Foundation Reading 


Incarnation Cross Reading $250

When you worry about our purpose and struggle to find meaning in life you can distort our thinking and lose your way. As you become more correctly aligned with yourself, you set the stage for your life’s purpose to be revealed.  

Your purpose is something that comes naturally to you as you mature over time with living your design, and when you reach age 50 the full flowering of your potential begins to happen (Chiron Return).

In Human Design, the fulfillment of purpose is laid out through the potential of what are called “Incarnation Crosses.” We will focus on the four gates of the Sun/Earths of your Incarnation Cross in context with your profile, Type, Strategy and Authority. By discovering the costume of your life’s purpose you can live into the reason for your being.

If you’ve been studying your Human Design and are ready for more specifics about who you are and how you can live the fullest potential of your gifts in the world for true fulfillment, this is where to go after a Foundation Reading. This reading can show us our purpose in life and offer us tools to actualize it.

 Recommended after practicing your Strategy and Authority for a minimum of 3.5 years

Prerequisite: A Foundation Reading