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Discover your unique energy cycles and transition points wherever you are in life’s journey

Life Cycle Readings are recommended if you have been experimenting with your design for a few years. Prerequisite: A Foundation Reading



Saturn Return (Age 28-42)

The first Saturn Return (age 28-32) takes us from youth to maturity. The second Saturn Return (age 56+) takes us from maturity to wisdom. If we don’t do our “work” to evolve at these times, the Saturn themes in our personal Human Design chart will keep showing up.

Your Saturn Return Chart looks at your transition into your new cycle and the energetic themes you will experience through relationships during your new cycle as part of your personal growth and expansion.

Saturn Return Readings are especially important for people who have a “6” in their Profile—3/6, 4/6, 6/2, 6/3 and can help bring a sense of relief.

Prerequisite: A Foundation Reading


Uranus Opposition (Midlife Shift – Age 38-42)

A Uranus Opposition session is recommended to understanding the shifts that take place in your “mid-life crisis.” This is where the maturing phase of our life takes place, to set us up for the flowering of our gifts at 50 in our Chiron return.  Here we focus on the transition from the south node life theme focus from the first 40 years of our design to a north node theme life focus for the remainder of our life’s path.

This reading is for anyone except those with a 6 in their profile (refer to Saturn or Chiron Return)

Prerequisite: A Foundation Reading.


Chiron Return (The Golden Years – Age 48-52)

Chiron is called the “wounded healer” in Human Design and Astrology and it represents the spiritual challenges you are here to master in this lifetime.

You have a childhood wound in some way that can be turned into your greatest contribution to the world when healed. By age 50 we usually master those challenges, begin healing those wounds, and can help others with similar challenges. If you are not aligned with the truth of Who You Are by that time, the shift into your new Chiron cycle can be tumultuous.

Chiron is about integrating the experiences that make us aware of our true selves, our role in the community and our relationships with others. This cycle can help us reclaim some cast-off aspect of our existence.

Chiron return readings allow us to see the path to resolving the wound and where the status of our healing of this gift is in our life. Your Chiron placement always reveals a profound gift.

Recommended to have gone through a 7 year deconditioning cycle.