The 4th line opportunist

"The danger always with 4s is that if you shatter a 4, there’s no guarantee they’ll come back together again. It’s very, very difficult for them once a foundation has been shattered. Remember, all of their power comes from their relationship to their community. Theirs is a community of bonds of friendship. The moment they’re seen to be a fool in that context, that they were wrong, or that they lied or they did this or that, whatever the case may be, it’s very, very difficult for them to live with it.

It’s not like it’s easy for them to just get up and go. They have a fixed aspect in their nature. So, when you take somebody who is a 4th line and you shatter one of their main principles, you really do enormous damage. Now, sometimes the damage is positive. The shattering of this kind can be very positive. Yet, at the same time, you have to see that they have to be called to that. It’s not like they’re going to embrace it. The only ones who can call them are those who really know them. These are not people where you assume they need you. Though the 4 has the capacity of integrating with others well, intimacy is always difficult. For all 4s, intimacy is difficult. You have to wait until you go through those phases of friendship in order to get to that point where you can actually achieve intimacy."

~Ra Uru Hu