Partner Reading $250

When it comes to our relationships, human design is the most powerful tool for comprehending what’s going on between partners such as; parent and child, lovers, friends and family members.

Using two personal Human Design charts combined into one composite chart we explore compatibilities, challenges, harmonies and balances in the energetic foundations of the relationship. This reading can help you discover the gift of acceptance and fulfillment in your interpersonal relationships.

I recommend both partners attend the session so that you have the best chance of being able to love yourselves and each other in this relationship!

Prerequisite: A Foundation Reading for both partners.

Parent/Child Relationship $250

Every child has their own unique path, their own purpose, and unique way in which their purpose is realized.

Human Design, first and foremost is for children. Children’s experience of the benefits of Human Design can be immediate, as well as long reaching, in the realization of their potential as 9-Centered humans. All of this depends upon the development and the ability of their parents to provide them with the necessary foundation for living out their uniqueness.

It is through the parent and their development, that the experiment of Human Design can be transmitted most effectively to the child. Therefore, it is essential for parents to have a strong foundation in their own experiment, as well as learn the practice of some essential tools in order to guide their children to their own unique experience of their life. The role of the Child Development Analyst is two-fold: to educate the parent; so that, the parent can then provide effective guidance for their child

Prerequisite: A Foundation Reading