Emotional Projectors

Let me talk about the emotional projector for a moment. To be an emotional being, it demands an enormous amount of discipline. The discipline is fundamentally patience. It's all about patience . If you are an emotional being you gotta wait out the wave. If you don’t wait out the wave, which is just time, then you can't, you can't be clear. But it also says something else about the dilemma of accepting a projectors life. If you're a non-emotional projector the invitation is something you can deal with in the moment, spontaneous, invitation Yes/no. It’s all there. But if you're an emotional projector, even when the invitation comes, you have to go like this: “not now… let me process it… give me time…” If you're an emotional projector, nobody can push you, nobody is allowed to push you, rush you. This is not what you're here for and that in that getting your deal, the yes-but-thing, if you're an emotional projector, you have the potential of getting the best deal of all. Because rejection is such a seduction. You are an emotional projector and somebody says to you “I want to invite you to this terrific thing and it would be great to work with you” underneath of course the subconscious is going “slave, slave, I need to slave…” whatever you know they're inviting you into this terrific thing and you go to them “I have to processes his. Very nice interesting. I'm going to process”. They want you to make that decision right then and there. This is a great offer. I'm offering you something terrific, you should be jumping at this. The reality is, by going like this, what actually happens is the other person goes away and says: “I better up the ante, I better offer them more, I better make it more exciting, it looks like they're not going to take it.” Rejection is incredibly powerful most people are afraid of it and emotional people are afraid of it the most. They are! if you are an emotional person and somebody invites you and your projector after all and they invite you, you know, there's these bells and sirens and rockets going off! It's like wow, I've been invited! I'm going to say yes right now, because if I don't say yes right now, I may have to wait the rest of my life for an invitation. That kind of thing. And then you really get into trouble. You have no idea! Emotional people… “no truth in the now, no truth in the know” your emotional, you're reading this and you have no idea what the hell's going on and you won't for months. You are going to process it through your emotional system. You know, you're on a certain place in your wave right now. Which means you're taking it in with a certain filter. That may be a good filter, a bad filter, an in between filter… Whatever the hell it is. Tomorrow the filters is different. Tomorrow how you feel about this is going to be different than what it is now. And it is going to be different the day after tomorrow and the day after that and there are certain things that you heard today, that you go “oh yeah”. Tomorrow you're going go “what was that? What was that thing that I said “oh yeah” to? I can’t remember that. That thing, what was that? Then you think hell it's lost… dammit! A week later, here in the same place in your wave that you were here when you got that “oh yeah now I got it!” It is what it is to be emotional, there is no truth in the now. If you're an emotional person you get a telephone call. You actually think you're hearing everything. You get this emotional call, you’re on the phone, you’re emotional being, all you're doing is reacting to where your wave is. So there you hear something that somebody saying that sounds bad. You never have the time to hear what's good or the rest of the conversation. All you hear is that one thing, that actually hits where you are on your wave and off you are on that part of your wave and the rest of it is lost. It's the next day or the day after you go “oh yeah but they also said”… Actually, you go through this whole thing in this whole emotional trip. Being an emotional being is about understanding that you rule! That's what it is to be emotional. Everything's on your time, nobody else. Your time, so you’re an emotional projector and somebody's got an invitation? Good for them. They can wait. If what they want is important enough for them, they ae not going to runaway! If you tell somebody to wait and they don't wait, good riddance! Cause they are never going to respect you. They're never going to treat you correctly. They're never going to see you for who you are. Every time an emotional person makes a decision in the moment, whoever they're dealing with, has lost respect for them. It’s just the way that it works. It's so easy… -Ra