Emotional Coaching

How do we balance ourselves and stay on mission with all the emotions we come across in our lives? When you know how your emotions function in a way that works, you can accept your true nature. Stacey will empower you to understanding your emotional expression and the mechanics to thrive. 1 hour sessions will focus on specific themes and your experiment in the human design chart.

Learn Your Love, Sex and Intimacy Signature and Attract Healthy Relationships


Love is a primary need in relationship to ourselves and the other. By understanding your style of love, sex, and intimacy themes in relation to yourself; you can have clarity about how you go out into the world and share it with others.

Managing Cycles of Creativity and Melancholy. The Path of the Artist


We all like to feel creative and productive in our lives and sometimes we need to take breaks to refuel our energy. Come explore your individual creative flow and it’s availability. Observe the gift of your melancholic periods in the creative process. You will learn ways to observe and accept your unique self with techniques to navigate the “sadness syndrome”.

How to Thrive With Anxiety and Depression

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The growing epidemic of anxiety and depression has people feeling hopeless and helpless. Through human design there is a way to understand the underlying mechanics that can contribute to your anxiety and depression. This clarity can help you to make healthier decisions for yourself in the process of recovery.

Coaching Packages and Prices

Sessions will be held on Zoom and will be recorded. Schedule 1 or 2 sessions per month here

3 Coaching Sessions $675


6 Coaching Sessions $1275


12 Coaching Sessions $2400